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Having Trouble finding the plastic kick plate plugs for your Mercedes R170 SLK ? We have the solution:-

The normal plugs for the R170 kick plates don't really fit too well and after time they start to work loose.

You rarely see an R170 with a full set of kick plate plugs and when you call your local Mercedes dealer they will tell you that the only way to get more is to buy a full kick plate. These cost around £60 EACH and then you have the same problem of the plugs constantly falling out.

We have the solution. We have had replacement parts manufactured to exactly suit the existing kick plate and they wont fall out easily or at all.

The new ones won’t match the existing (badly designed) existing ones but the good news is that a full set is very reasonably priced and will make your Mercedes look good again. Click here to visit our online eBay store.

Mercedes SLK R170 kick plate plugs.

Mercedes R170 kick plate plugs are

also known as:-

Whatever you call them they fall out and replacing the whole kick plate is just not an option We call supply you with a full set for a very reasonable price and your Mercedes SLK R170 will look as good as knew.

Click here to visit our SLK R170 kick plate plugs store.

SLK R170 kick plate plugs

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